Thursday, April 15, 2010

Options and some optimism

There's been a call from the people of Quincy for the (T) to use this public pier located near Squantum Point Park and Marina Bay. The idea would be to have an MBTA water shuttle from Quincy Bay to Boston. This is a good idea if you work in the direct line of the shuttle docking area in Boston.

The other thing to take into consideration is the cost. Below is the current cost of the existing boats leaving from Quincy (at Fore- River)Hingham and Hull.

Commuter Boat
Boat Pass
(Hingham-Boston, Quincy/Hull-Boston)

10-Ride $6.00/ride
Commuter Boat Pass also good for unlimited travel on Local Bus, Subway, Express Bus, Inner Harbor Ferry, and Zones 1-4 on Commuter Rail.

If you work in the Longwood Medical and academic area of Boston you may want to consider taking the red line to JFK Umass and then picking up the LMA shuttle. This shuttle has been in place for a few years now.

It's basically good for the morning commute but for the evening commute it tends to get stuck in lots of heavy traffic in the Francis Street and the Melnea Cass BLVD area's. This trip can take over an hour sometimes to get from Brigham and Woman's hospital to JFK Umass in the evening. You may just want to consider using the green line to Park St. and picking up the red line for your trip home.

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