Thursday, August 19, 2010

Down Below

We found this post yesterday from a Quincy local. For a great shot of the Neponset Bridge "Down under". Also, you may like some of his daily photos of the city of the presidents.


Heather Rose Marshall said...

i drive over the neoponset bridge everyday from scituate and this morning (aug 19th) around 630 i drove over. i hit a red light at the bottom of the bridge and as i was sitting there i saw a state police car parked over near the grass (the inner circle). they were looking at a person who seemed to be dead. he was an adult male, laying face down with his arms and legs crossed like he had been thrown out of a car or perhaps hit by a car. no blood that i could see. a few secs later an ambulance pulled up and walked up to the body. from the way the police and emts were handling the situation the man seemed to be dead as they were not rushing. if anyone has an info / news articles on this please shar as im curious to what actually happened.

Anonymous said...

I saw that as well as a matter of fact two state cops jumped in front of my car from behind the Ambulancen ( almost ran them over) to run across the street to an MBTA bus that was parked at the curb.Maybe the bus/people on it were involved somehow.