Friday, November 4, 2011

No lines no waiting

A rare moment when there is no line of traffic waiting to get up on to the deck of the northbound side of the bridge.


han1974 said...
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han1974 said...

Morning traffic towards the bridge into Dorchester over the past couple of weeks has been worse than ever, regardless of the weather. In my 8.5 years of living in Marina Bay, the past two mornings have been the most difficult commutes to the N. Quincy Red Line station via the shuttle service that runs between the station/Boston Scientific/Marina Bay.

On a typical weekday morning the shuttle takes 18-20 minutes to perform its round trip. On the past two mornings this trip has taken approximately 40 minutes! This is all attributed to the extreme congestion on both Quincy Shore Drive and Hancock Street towards the bridge, and the ripple effect it has on Marina Bay residents.

The backup on Quincy Shore Drive past the E. Squantum St. intersection has been so severe that many drivers are now attempting to circumvent it by turning right at E. Squantum Street, cutting thru Marina Bay and onto Commander Shea Blvd. This has resulted in significant backups on Commander Shea Blvd. For instance, this morning at 8:15, the backup extended onto Seaport Drive in Marina Bay - almost to the rotary!

Again, in my 8.5 years living in Marina Bay, I've NEVER seen anything like this! It should NOT take almost 40 minutes to go 1+ mile; walking from Marina Bay to the N. Quincy station would take less time.

The severity of the traffic congestion is hurting real estate prices and the quality of life for the many Marina Bay residents who work in Boston. I can't imagine even trying to sell a condo/townhouse in that community right now because of how difficult the morning commute into Boston has become.

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

We hear your frustration hans1974. It will be interesting to see how things go when the on-ramp pictured above is being replaced. The only way we see traffic getting around this is to have traffic on Hancock st./3A that is heading toward the bridge exit right at Sagamore st. and continue on to Commander Shea Blvd and then turn right up onto Quincy Shore Drive and over the bridge.
This is going to get interesting

Mind said...

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