Wednesday, May 26, 2010

So far...

our experience with the bridge construction has been a positive one. Early morning travel over the bridge north and south have been relatively uneventful for the most part. The state police located at Neponset Circle are doing a fantastic job keeping the traffic moving. Evening travel has also been relatively good and no real major tie-ups. Things do get a little more backed up on Gallivan Blvd back to the off ramp at I93 South. This is because of the new traffic light southbound at the circle by the car wash. If you remember this light used to just be a simple flashing yellow light. It would also send you into on-coming traffic on Neponset Ave if you were not careful.

On a recent foggy morning work crews are busy ripping up the road and old guard rails.
So far we are impressed with the way things are going - How about you?


Beak Wilder said...

"So far we are impressed with the way things are going."

Who's we?
Who are you working with?

Scout said...