Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flaggers or police details?

At the onset of the bridge construction some people called for the use of flaggers rather than paying State Police detail expenses. Granted flaggers working for $10.00 dollars an hour can work in some situations. However given some of the bone headed moves and just down right impatience of people trying to get to and from work it seems more logical and safer to have State Police here. Some people really lose their cool when sitting in any degree of traffic and tend to do stupid things that endanger everyone else. Having the State Police at Neponset Circle has been a pretty good deterrent to anyone doing anything dumb. This could be why things have been for the most part very orderly.

A flagger can't pull a hotheaded driver aside and give a warning,citation or even make an arrest if needed.

Let us know what you think of state police details keeping things moving and SAFE during the Neponset River Bridge construction.

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Anonymous said...

When I see state police on their cell phones while on traffic duty at the Neposet Bridge how can you claim they are better suited for the job. Flaggers are always more attentive despite their $10 per hour wage.