Monday, June 21, 2010

Governor Patrick Visits Bridge Project

This video, although available through youtube was taken from the Patriot Ledger On line. In trying to be balanced we have posted some of the comments from local residents about the bridge project and the governor's visit. These comments we're also taken from the Patriot Ledger.

confusedcitizen says:

At the same time there is construction on Adams St in Milton, on Squantum St in North Quincy, Granite Ave in Quincy (or Milton, not exactly sure where this smaller project is), Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester, and I don't even know where else. Just try getting to Boston from Quincy or Milton now. Really - good luck.

Lil Miss L mentions:
'Meetings with the community'? Ummmmm, I live on Atlantic St, near the bridge. I've never gotten any notice of a meeting about the noise or traffic. I have a traffic concern. The people who can't read signs and get into the correct lanes are coming to Quincy Shore Drive when they really want to get to Hancock St or Newport Ave. Once they realize their mistake, they turn onto North St and find themselves on Atlantic. Atlantic does not connect directly to Hancock St. You have to turn this way and that way to get there. All these morons are driving around my neighborhood without a clue as to where they're going, blowing through stop signs and stopping at invisible ones. Soooooooooo frustrating.

aboutcards asks:
Did Legislator Morrissey show up to get more signatures for his campaign? He's been invisible and needs to just go away and be a lawyer. He was to investigate boats from Marina Bay as well....but I hear crickets.
During the afternoon commute when traffic is backup up onto the expressway trying go get off at Neponset multiple cops stand by Sozio talking and helping traffic get off the northbound section of the bridge. HELLO the afternoon traffic is heading in the other direction.
What a bunch of stooges! You're all fired! Vote em all out, Patrick, Morrissey, McNamee, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Good Ole Mike Morrissey - He knew he was about to be ejected from his state senate seat so he's trying to latch on to being a career pol by running for DA. This guy is a clown and and should be working at the New BJ's in Quincy serving up the free food samples to shoppers.